5G : List of candidates qualified for the 5G spectrum auction

On 11 June 2020, the Minister for Communications and Media has published the list of candidates that have submitted an admissible application and that can therefore participate on the upcoming spectrum auction for the 700 MHz and 3600 MHz bands. The list has been published in the official journal of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg under the reference B1959.

Ministerial Decision of 27 April 2020: http://www.legilux.lu/eli/etat/adm/dmin/2020/04/27/b1437/jo

Amendment of 19 May 2020 : http://legilux.lu/eli/etat/adm/dmin/2020/05/18/b1773/jo

List of qualified candidates of 11 June 2020 : http://legilux.public.lu/eli/etat/adm/amin/2020/06/11/b1959/jo

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