Digital policy


The Department of Media, Connectivity and Digital Policy (SMC) is in charge of developing a "digital policy" in which it contributes to the legal framework for the use of digital data and technologies and their impact on society, the economy and individuals. The term covers a wide range of topics, including data policy, data protection, Internet governance and various emerging technologies.

Digital policy is a complex and constantly evolving field, as new technologies emerge and their impact on society and the economy continues to evolve. The SMC is responsible for implementing a policy aimed not only at the diversified development of new technologies, but also at promoting the safe and ethical use of digital technologies, while ensuring universal accessibility to their benefits.

In concrete terms, the SMC is responsible for the following areas of digital policy:

  • Data protection and data privacy,
  • Digital rights,
  • Regulatory framework for emerging technologies (including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchains),
  • Coordination of Artificial Intelligence policy (in collaboration with the Ministry for Digitalisation, the Ministry of Research and Higher Education and the Ministry of the Economy) and
  • Digital skills.


The SMC's strategic objective in the context of digital policy in Luxembourg
The SMC aims to encourage societal opportunities linked to the adoption of new technologies through a digital policy that both guarantees strong privacy protection and fully develops the potential of Big Data and metadata.


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