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Efficient, competitive and cutting-edge telecommunications infrastructures and services are essential both for citizens and for the proper functioning of state services and businesses.

This is why, for the last two decades, the government has been working to position Luxembourg as a leader in fixed and mobile connectivity. In this context, the strategic objective of the SMC is to ensure high-performance connectivity for all (residents and businesses) in order to unlock the socio-economic potential of the information society.


Connectivity in Luxembourg today

According to the 2023 Report on the state of the Digital Decade (previously known as the DESI report), Luxembourg is recognized as "one of EU's best performers in digital infrastructure" and is significantly advancing towards meeting the EU targets "Fixed Very high-capacity networks coverage" (VHCN) and "5G coverage" of 100%. Luxembourg's high-speed VHCN (rank 5) and 5G coverage (rank 7) have steadily increased in the last years, with Luxembourg having 93% coverage for both, compared to 73% respectively 81% of the EU average.


The establishment of the MyConnectivity Economic Interest Group

In the context of ultra-broadband and that of the ultra-broadband strategy, the need for a dedicated team, ensuring monitoring of the various work to improve the connectivity of private households and businesses in the Grand Duchy, manifested itself. This is how the project to create an economic interest group took shape.

Created jointly by the SMC and LU-CIX Management Economic Interest Group in December 2021, MyConnectivity aims to support SMC in achieving its strategic objectives of high-performance connectivity for all.


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