The granting of concessions for the use of frequencies and orbital positions for satellites is also among the responsibilities of the Minister of Communications and Media.

The space sector is a sector in full development on an international scale and Luxembourg is no exception to this trend. On the contrary, Luxembourg continues to develop economic and research activities in this area.

In Luxembourg, activities related to space technologies began in 1985 with the creation of the European Satellite Society (SES) by the Government.

The SMC, together with the Luxembourg Regulatory Institute, is actively involved in discussions with the Ministry of the Economy and the Luxembourg Space Agency relating to the analysis of files concerning new entities wishing to establish themselves in Luxembourg to operate there. a spatial activity. In this context, the SMC mainly covers the aspect of the allocation of satellite frequencies necessary for any space activity and that of the granting of concessions with a view to the establishment and operation of Luxembourg satellite systems in accordance with the amended law of July 27, 1991 on electronic media.



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