Connecting Tomorrow: Hybrid conference on 5G, broadband and beyond

Following the two successful conferences focusing on 5G, the Department of Media, Telecommunications and Digital Policy is pleased to announce a third conference, covering many communications-related topics from 5G to broadband technologies, as well as future technologies that are currently discussed or even developed to meet future network and communication needs: quantum key distribution, 6G,…


Connecting tomorrow
5G, broadband and beyond

Octobre 5-7, 2021

The event will take place both “in the box” (@LuxExpo the Box, Luxembourg-Kirchberg) and “out of the box” (online)


In light of the evolution of the COVID-19 virus and the sanitary restrictions, please note that we are currently preparing a hybrid setting: you will be able to attend the event physically or digitally.

The conference website along with the application details will be published on this page as the preparations advance. You may already contact our conference team if you wish to contribute to the various components of the conference.



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11.12.2019 - 5G Conference / Luxembourg Convention Center - Photo: 101 Studios

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