Luxembourg: first country to switch to an all digital broadcasting system by 2008

On 27 February 2007, the new Luxembourg ''cable'' framework agreement will be presented to the press on the initiative of the minister for communications, Jean-Louis Schiltz. This agreement prepares the ground for the switch to an all digital broadcasting system in Luxembourg by 31 January 2008. Audiences in Luxembourg will have access to a basic package of 75 channels from different countries. Luxembourg will thus be the first country to guarantee access to an all digital TV offer to its citizens.

The agreement has been signed by SACEM Luxembourg, ALGOA and RTL Group affiliate CLT-UFA, representing the broadcasters of the 75 TV channels covered by the agreement, as well as by several cable operators serving together 90% of cable households. The agreement is also open to signature for all other cable operators.

90% of households in Luxembourg receive TV by cable. Terrestrial and satellite distribution of Luxembourg channels are already in digital.

SACEM: Société des auteurs, compositeurs et éditeurs de musique: (music rights)

ALGOA: Association luxembourgeoise de gestion des œuvres audiovisuelles (producers rights)

(communiqé par le Service des médias et des communications)

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